Tecnología y Personas


Tecnología y Personas


Tecnología y Personas came from the crazy idea that

the consulting industry could function differently


After years of experience in multinational companies, we wanted to build a Consultant that would treat people as such and that, following a line of work close to the client, would become a partner and not a mere supplier. This has been the case since 2011.

We are proud to have come this far and we value our philosophy.

Our personal brand is based on closeness and commitment. We have demonstrated it to hundreds of customers and we continue to do so.


We are passionate about this work and we are very clear about why: that our clients achieve results. Accompanying them at every step.

A technology partner is the best way for you to achieve your goals and those of your company.
Because before a large-scale project, experienced people are needed to give it support and viability.

That when there is an emergency or any inconvenience, you have someone on the other side who responds effectively, who will provide you with solutions without thinking about it. When working as a team, sometimes you have to go beyond commitment.

We take care of the client and our consultants. If innovation and technology work, it is because people also give the best.


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Our main headquarters are in Madrid, but we have developed projects throughout the national territory as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland



Nuestra sede principal está en Madrid, pero hemos desarrollado proyectos en todo el territorio nacional así como en Reino Unido e Irlanda

Calle Princesa, 25.
Planta 3 28008.
 Madrid, España