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The need for forensic analysis after an attack

If you have not been able to prevent the cyber attack ...


After an attack, your company's data is compromised. The urgent thing is to manage the crisis and recover the information.

Once you regain control and everything works again, it is important to perform a forensic analysis that explains what has happened.

Ideally, you should never find yourself in this situation, but if it has not been possible to avoid it, we can help you.

Contact us and you will have at your disposal an experienced and updated team so that your business is working again as soon as possible.


Maximize recoveries and minimize costs.


Data recovery and forensic analysis

At Tecnología y Personas we offer our clients the latest techniques in data recovery and computer forensics so that they can quickly manage the crisis and regain control of their business.

  • Analysis of "Memory dumps" for advanced management of Advanced Data Recovery
  • Disaster Mitigation and Recovery in real time with special emphasis on SQL servers (MS SQL, MySQL, Maria DB, RDMS, and NoSQL)
  • Data Recovery (files destroyed, encrypted, degraded, partitions lost)
  • LivePlayer Pro for virtualized environments for the correct management of Reconstruct Network Events
  • Network Forensics (packet sniffing and dissecting using tcpdump and wireshark)
  • Disgruntled Employee Forensics and Password Recovery, network + cloud (any environment)
    • Using CAINE Linux, Kali Forensics + a myriad of tools using proprietary algorithms
    • Manual file recovery from MFT and antiforensics detection