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Get the technological profile you need in your team

Finding the right person for your company goes beyond finding a functional profile. It is a process that can be long and expensive. Our goal is to find that person who, in addition to having training and experience, will remain with the company throughout the life of the project or who can join the organization.
Technology and People has an expert team in the selection processes of qualified personnel, from technicians to top-level executives.
We do not stop until we find the specialized person who fits into your team.
Our people have training and business experience in Information Technology. We know what we are looking for and that is why we select the best candidates.
We like to have a close relationship with our clients, that is why we are flexible and adapt the management of the process to each case. More than 20 years of experience in the business have taught us that this way of working is the one that gives the best results.
We are specialists in the IT sector, we have an extensive network of contacts and a complete database. This streamlines the process and facilitates direct searching.
Technology and People does not focus on the mere transaction. We are your companions on the path of technology, that is why we will be in close contact with you to learn about the situation at all times.
In this way we can offer you the best service. You have someone you can lean on to successfully complete your projects.

We are experts in business processes, and if you need it, we offer you the hiring of candidates in service mode.


Agility, proactivity and personalized treatment in the search for the exact profile that your company needs

Specialized consultants
Consultores especializados
Flexible methodology
Wide network of contacts
Long-term partnership
Business orientation
Service mode
Consultores especializados
Consultores especializados
Metodología flexible
Amplia red de contactos
Asociación a largo plazo
Orientación al negocio
Modo servicio



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