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Each company is a world

Each business has specific characteristics. They must be approached from flexibility and knowledge.

In order to reach specific objectives for improvement and growth, detailed study and support are necessary. From taking requirements to the end of the project or the next step in digital transformation.
In Technology and People we are sure that we can offer you all this, in addition to added value and close treatment.
We are more than a Boutique of Services and Digital Consulting.
Technology and People is your technological ally for the present and the future.
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Working with large companies does not mean leaving aside human quality

Each candidate has their ideal job. You too, the place where you can develop your potential and contribute what you know to each project.
Exercise your profession and feel comfortable.
If you think you are in the right place, leave us your CV.

We will keep you informed at all times of the status of your application and we guarantee the utmost discretion, respecting the Code of Ethics and complying with the General Data Protection Regulations.

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• More than 20 years of experience in the sector

• We look for a great diversity of profiles

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 Especialistas en el Sector de RRHH

¿Por qué elegir Tecnología y Personas para tu proyecto de futuro?

• Más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector 

• Buscamos gran diversidad de perfiles

• Contamos con los proyectos más interesantes del panorama actual 

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