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Monitorización del Sistema de Información y Eventos (SIEM)

We have all received an email with malware at one time or another.
There are a whole series of threats not related to software vulnerabilities. From social engineering, information disclosure to denial of service.

The importance of these solutions lies in the fact that they prevent threats not related to software vulnerabilities, such as malware, social engineering, information disclousure or denial of service, in addition to those related to Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

IT attack forecast

The greater the connectivity, the greater the risk. Your team requires flexible and effective digital solutions. Telecommuting, IOT, Cloud Computing ...

Each company has its own needs.

The collection of information from various devices is a determining factor of security.
Event monitoring tools allow you to detect threats through collection, analysis, and reporting.

We help you protect your systems with the latest solutions available on the market, using the ones that best suit the structure of your organization.

Detect and prevent

The information and event system monitoring (SIEM) tools are designed to detect threats with collection, analysis and reporting, thus allowing you to prevent attacks before they are carried out. This collection of information is a prominent factor in these solutions, since the increasing hyperconnectivity and the unstoppable evolution of the Internet of Things makes its ability to collect information from many different security devices (firewalls, IDS / IPS, Workstation log ...) , in something fundamental for companies.

In Technology and People we work with the best manufacturers on the market in these solutions:

IBM QRadar                                 

HP ArcSight