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Penetration testing audits



Auditorías de pruebas de penetración

We find the vulnerabilities and risks of your system

Penetration test audits are a good way to prevent cyber attacks.
You can test the security level of your information systems with one of the best equipment on the market. You will know to what extent it is vulnerable to any attack.

Risk prioritization and management

If your organization needs to establish or improve the security of Information Systems, Penetration Testing is the mandatory initial audit.

This audit will show you how your information can become compromised if it receives an attack and you lose control over the applications, infrastructure, networks and system.

If all or any of these factors is cracked, your availability and the information it contains is at risk. There are always priority areas that need to be identified to implement a solution in order of preference. We tell you where it is easier for you to be attacked and we put a remedy before it happens.

The intrusion test also identifies the techniques used by crackers to erase the trace of the attack, a method with which they obtain additional data that facilitates the approach of adjacent systems. For these audits we have the experts from Quenta.

They will quickly establish the security level of your organization and determine the priority areas in the implementation of solutions.



  • Technical development of the Penetration Test and audit of the Social vector.
  • Development of Gray Box tests (with administration permissions provided by the client) or Black Box.
  • Analysis of weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Validation and Control Points established with the client
  • Full audit


  • Technical evaluation of organizational compliance
  • Identify vulnerabilities for a better understanding of business risks
  • A plan is executed with the specifications and recommendations adapted to your organization


  • Adequate Risk Management
  • Increase Business Availability (Increase Business Continuity)
  • Attack Minimization (Client-side)
  • Protection of clients, partners and related third parties
  • Safety Certification and assurance of regulatory compliance
  • Evaluation of the investment in security

What does it consist of:

We develop a technical Penetration Test and audit possible attack vectors.
We find the vulnerabilities and risks of your system.
We execute a specific plan for your company.

What do you get:

You minimize the possibility of attacks and increase business continuity
Your clients, partners or third parties benefit and are more protected
You make sure to comply with current regulations. You get a security certification