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The vulnerabilities of the operating systems and applications that you use every day are one of the most attacked points when it comes to penetrating your company's information.

An inescapable protection

SVM solutions allow you to organize and automate the software patching process. A help for companies, as it is a task that becomes very expensive as the systems grow.

In addition, with these solutions it is possible to generate an inventory with all the updated available software, prepare the patches for their automatic deployment and to measure alerts adapted to active threats.

The process of patching these vulnerabilities is a necessity, but it is also a repetitive and cyclical task that slows down the functioning of your organization. You have to dedicate permanent human and technical resources to it. Therefore, the automation of patching is necessary.

Automation of vulnerability



Jet Patch Platform

You can automate this process. Optimize your resources. Identify and apply the appropriate patches automatically.

JetPatch is the automated patch management platform that uses Machine Learning and interacts with your company's security ecosystem. JetPatch takes advantage of the resources you have and streamlines processes.
It allows you to plan updates and minimizes the risk of vulnerabilities in your system.

Endpoint security


Panda 360

Ensures security at the remote station.

It monitors the activity on the endpoint and denies the execution of malicious applications and processes. For each execution, it issues in real time a verdict of its classification, malicious or legitimate, without uncertainty, without delegating to the client. All of this is possible only because of the capacity, speed, adaptability, and scalability of AI and cloud computing.

The service unifies Big Data technologies and multilevel Machine Learning techniques, including Deep Learning, the result of continuous monitoring and automation of the experience, intelligence and accumulated knowledge of the security and threats team of the Panda Security Intelligence Center.